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Large area scent diffuser

Coverage Area: 4500 sqft

What makes a place stand out? A scent can make a mark and bring back memories, setting your business and home apart from any other. High-tech and ideal for large areas, the Bianco is the final touch of elegance that’s welcome to any and every spacious environment.


How to Install into the HVAC
Instruction Manual

  • Long-life span air pump
  • Professional high-tech aluminum atomizer
  • Waterproof metal switch to make it safe and convenient
  • Timer program and adjustment of oil concentration
  • Can be installed inside an HVAC air-supply

Model:            Bianco
Voltage:           AC110V/220V
Power:            26W
Noise:              <50dba
G.W.:               9.5 kg
N.W.:               7.85 kg
Oil Bottle:        500 / 1000 ml
Area:               5000sqft
Size:                 W320*D160*H395mm