Urban Elegant by D-Snow – Elegance Aroma
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Urban Elegant by D-Snow

Urban Elegant by D-Snow

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by Art by D-Snow @artbydsnow

Every Machine has a Unique Design

Diogo Neves also know by his artist name D-Snow, is an artist born and raised in São Paulo Brazil who currently resides in Toronto. The artist started his career early in his teens in Brazil with graffiti street art that grew into a passion.

His art is a mix of urban with a twist of modern. He uses a variety of materials to make his paintings stand out such as spray paint, acrylic, prints, leather, epoxies, and crystals. D-Snow has also created murals inside trending restaurants around the city, Zebu Steak and Bar, Santorini Estiatorio and The Kings Arms, Parisco and Mother Tongue to name a few. Snow’s work has been delivered to Neymar Jr, Justin Bieber, Megan Thee Stallion, Fetty Wap, Sean Paul, Tyrone Rex Edwards, Bruno Caboclo, James Johnson, Jeremy Bieber, Ovo40 and Drake.

He’s currently working on a big project with Biebers industries.